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  • Mohameedfayis Mohameedfayis

    People 🏡 homes no social services project

    1000000 years experience 0 projects worked $1,000,000.00/hr $0 earned

    Home 🏡property  project  people  help  you old  contact 

  • Angela Davis

    Business Operations Support

    23 years experience 0 projects worked $27.00/hr $0 earned


    My name is Angela Davis and there is a saying that goes, “Jack of  all trades the master of nothing,” well in my case I like to think that I’m good at a lot of things and do them really well. My background  consists of 11 years in Regulatory Compliance/Financial Services, 5 years Human Resources, and 7 years general business support.  Oh did I mention I’m entrepreneurial, detailed, tech savy, analytical, and an awesome communicator. I deliver and you…

  • Gracy83211

    Consumer & Business Banking Operations

    15 years experience 0 projects worked $18.00/hr $0 earned

    Geoffrey K. Racy                                                         Kimball20@aol.com

    4008 Las Brisas Pl                                                                                                                   Phone: 210-771-5224

    Elkton, FL 32033                                                                                      www.linkedin.com/in/geoffracy



    Sales & Marketing Professional

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $30.00/hr $0 earned

    Goal-oriented and focused professional with progressive experience in identifying new revenue streams and initiating marketing activities to enhance brand awareness and business portfolio. Track record of enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering top-quality services. Proven ability to conduct market research, aid promotional activities, and collaborate with stakeholders. Experienced in social media management and content writing. Skillful in coordinating diverse projects from inception to completion in a challenging and deadline-driven environment. An articulate communicator; equipped…

  • Coba Greyling

    Freelancer, corporate governance, Company Secretary, Transcriber, Secretary,

    30 years experience 0 projects worked $50.00/hr $0 earned

    I am an ambitious professional experienced in corporate governance and corporate statutory compliance. Identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to business challenges are activities that drive and inspire me. Exploration, pursuit, and motivation are my frameworks for success. I believe that fresh perspectives and trying new techniques help businesses evolve and grow. Innovation and new experiences makes giant impact on my life. I am a virtual assistant seeking for virtual assistant jobs, from minute writing, corporate governance structures, statutory compliance, registrations of South Africa…

  • Jacqueline Martin

    Environmental Professional

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $0 earned


  • ASchutt1945

    RN, BSN, MS

    30 years experience 0 projects worked $45.00/hr $0 earned

    Thirty years as Nursing home Administrator, Consultant in quality assurance audits and chart reviews for lawyers. Director of Nursing, Educator in LPN school, Industrial nursing and community health. Retired as the Director of Senior Services. Responsible for four NACO Awards while in this position. Worked in HUD housing as a service coordinator. Negotiated union contracts with the Teamsters and others.

    Communicate well both verbally and in writing. Love a challenge and work well with a team of diverse personalities.

  • Blanca Ramos

    Office administration

    5 years experience 0 projects worked $0 earned

    Office administration


    Entry Level Data Scientist and Analyst

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $0 earned

    I’m a recent graduate from Boise State University and have since been teaching myself data science skills after becoming interested in machine learning technology. I’ve created a portfolio on my Github to display my current abilities in R, Python, SQL and Tableau. I also contain skills in Excel and am proficient in design tools from the Adobe Creative Cloud. I’m currently looking for employment to further my skills in the Data Science field. I’m highly motivated and extremely disciplined.

  • tricinasimons

    Sales Associate

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $15.10/hr $0 earned

    I am a recent college graduate with a BA in English Literature.

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