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  • Chris Requena

    Developer / Founder / Community-Builder

    20 years experience 0 projects worked

    I’m a business and full-stack developer who co-founded and leads BostonNewTech.com, a network of over 50k members across 14 meetup groups.

    I’m developing a web-based SaaS content marketing technology platform using Microsoft .NET Core, C# and SQL Server and I’m seeking advisers.

    I have been curating content related to the COVID-19 crisis at TopVirusInfo.com, with nearly 100 free health, safety and business resources to support COVID-19 victims, families, workers and others affected by the Coronavirus. I will be migrating all…

  • Grace Wickerson

    Human Centered Design Educator

    4 years experience 0 projects worked

    I am a user experience designer with experience leading teams of over 100 young people. I have also built educational programming that have impacted over 20,000 students around the country.

  • Md Asaduzzaman


    12 years experience 0 projects worked

    I am interested  to contribute with my skills

  • Paulina Sosa

    Infectious Disease Data Analyst

    5 years experience 0 projects worked

    Hello, I am currently working to do what I can to help with COVID19 response ranging from health communications to webinar development to data analysis. Please let me know if you have a project you need help with and let’s discuss how we can collaborate to work together in fighting the threat of #COVID19. 

  • Anton Antonov

    Senior Research Scientist

    25 years experience 0 projects worked

    I am an experienced applied mathematician. Currently I work intensively in COVID-19 related modeling.

  • Lachlan Bell

    Python Developer and Data Scientist

    5 years experience 0 projects worked

    Australian Python Developer based out of Washington DC. 

    I have done a wide variety of jobs, I am work best with the unusual requests. I believe that nothing is impossible to code, as long as you are persistent enough.

    I have done full stack web development work, but any level of python work I am more than happy to do.

    You can read more about me at www.lachlanbell.info

  • Jacob Munoz

    Recent Graduate

    4 years experience 0 projects worked

    My name is Jacob and I am a recent graduate that is crazy about data. I am passionate about people and excited by the potential of data. With my job search screeching to a halt I am using this time to work on personal projects to spruce up my resume. I would love to help you with your challenge to provide useful insights while gaining valuable experience myself!


  • Anastasiia Panchenko

    Python Developer

    7 years experience 0 projects worked

    Python/Django, ReactJS full stack developer

  • Keith Bennett

    Senior Software Developer / Technical Writer

    30 years experience 0 projects worked

    I am an experienced software developer specializing in Ruby. I am also a writer, both technical and nontechnical. I am keithrbennett on Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, and GMail. You can also check out my about.me page at https://about.me/keithrbennett.

  • Alexandra Saizan

    Data Scientist

    4 years experience 0 projects worked