JobsOffice: Finding/bridging economic opportunities for 1/3 displaced workforce due to #covid19 economic impact project

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Posted on March 22, 2020

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We are creating an AI-powered employment office for the post-AI age. Our current systems are not equipped to handle the new realities of jobs/work/gigs in the age of technology. Covid has sent shockwaves of economic impact to our society. Many economists are predicting 33% of the workforce, seeing the impact of Covid19 displacement. We need a Manhatten project sized effort to help preserve and protect the opportunities for the ones threatened most by the new wave of technology-led employment. While we have already started working on this every before Covid19 hit, but Covid19 has really pushed us to react fast.

Via We are working on several tools to address this problem. While is a work in progress, we are seeking some support in providing a quick impact solution to help Covid19 impacted the workforce.


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